MLogiq has always been on the forefront of technological development. Successful implementations include:

Owned and operated


  • SMS / iPhone
  • iPhone/iTouch apps
  • SMS apps
  • Ongoing development



  • Developed Canada’s first and largest independent electronic business directory, moving on to develop other major business directories around the world. (FinditinCanada.caAmerica411.infoLook4itBermuda.com and more)
  • Developed and implemented full custom VOIP systems for operations (Internal)
  • Partnered with world leader and developed low-cost highly efficient system for domains, hosting, security and more (SecureHome.name)
  • Marketed (ongoing) several front-end Internet stores for manufacturers
  • Developed turnkey CRM support for sales of advertising and client relations (Internal)
  • Developed pay-per-click and pay-per-call advertising platforms (Internal)
  • Applied accumulated marketing experience and technology to new marketing partnerships with huge success
  • Developed advanced tracking, analytic, measurement and conversion enhancing systems (Internal)
  • Developed world’s most advanced performance advertising placeement and monitoring systems (MadExperts)
  • Developed technology and relationships allowing worldwide management of business information (FixMyInfo.com)


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